Workplace Fatigue – How Protein Helps

It’s a Staggering Cost of $136 BILLION Per Year!

Even in the smallest of businesses, there are changes we can make to address the costly issue of workplace fatigue.  Lifestyle changes can make a huge impact, however they require a willingness on the part of employees to actually make those changes.

Employers on the other hand can ensure good lighting, quiet break areas, adequate breaks, and healthy options for food and beverages. Some companies will not offer sugary beverages anymore in cafeterias, or pop/soda (bravo!).

Protein helps!

Yes, protein actually helps. Well documented clinical trials demonstrate the benefits of a great whey protein isolate drink on things like

  • focus,
  • energy,
  • consistency,
  • satiety (the feeling of feeling full),
  • concentration,
  • glucose (“blood sugar”) stabilization
  • and more.

And whey isolate is definitely the purest form of whey – resulting in virtual elimination of digestive issues typically associated with protein drinks. Will employees drink a protein drink? They will if it tastes as good as Jenna’s Clearly Protein! A drink that not only refuels and refreshes, but also rehydrates.  So offer healthy food and beverage options, as a great way of combating the health related lost productivity due to fatigue.


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