We have had phenomenal testimonials in the past, and already have started with phenomenal testimonials with this new protein drink.


From Mother of Picky Eaters

I am a huge fan of protein. Most of us don’t get enough and with 2 growing, very active adolescent children, I have grown weary of trying to get my children to have an adequate protein intake. Protein drinks are a quick and easy way to get this necessary protein into them, but only if you can find a whey protein that tastes good!!

The Jenna’s Clearly Protein Drink is fantastic.  Both of my very fussy eaters love it.  Tangerine is their favourite!

They are only concerned with taste and this product absolutely satisfies that criteria.  I am concerned about health (and taste too!), and this product absolutely satisfies me as well.

I would highly recommend the Jenna’s Clearly Protein Drink.

Shannon J.



A Male Perspective

“Wow! I can’t believe it’s a protein drink!” was my first response to tasting this – and still is! Have never had a protein drink like it, and I’ve been drinking protein drinks for years. Where can I buy it??
Peter D.









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