About Us

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Natural Health Group (makers of Jenna’s Clearly Protein) sets the new Gold Standard for protein drinks. It is not enough to do the minimum.  What we produce must be the cleanest, most premium ingredients for the most premium results. If we cannot pronounce the ingredient, it is not going into our product. If we do not test for banned substances and heavy metals, our product will not go out.

We are a certified majority women owned and operated business. Our CEO is a Nurse, and a woman, and has had 8 years of experience with product development in protein drinks. Now she wants to bring this experience and new brand to you.

Our CEO is so passionate about this issue of quality and clean products that we have a zero tolerance for undeclared ingredients.  It is important for everyone in the family!  The last thing you want are products that may be contaminated with steroids or heavy metals.

We DNA test our finished product to European standards—considered the most stringent—to ensure there are no genetically modified ingredients.


We test for over 300 banned substances on every production run. And heavy metals.  And gliadin (the gluten protein).  Our CEO drinks this every day and insists on the simplest and purest ingredients.

We have just a few ingredients. And you can pronounce them all! Passed by Picky Eaters, Jenna’s Clearly Protein is strong enough for athletes and delicious enough for the family.