The Protein Drink The Diabetes Association Doesn’t Want You To Know About!

The American Diabetes Association has refused to allow us to advertise JENNA’S CLEARLY PROTEIN on their web pages or journals … saying it has too many calories (50!!!!) and “questionable claims” about diabetes. Well the only claim about diabetes made until now was that “some health conditions make it harder for your body to absorb and utilize protein. Diabetes for example.”  They were provided with a list of clinical studies demonstrating that insulin resistance impairs protein metabolism. But apparently are too busy or cannot be bothered to read them.

I am astonished and speechless at the American Diabetes Association. This is a NO sugar, LOW carb (2 g), fat-free, gluten-free, lactose-free PROTEIN WATER, that has only FIFTY (50) calories per bottle.  It utilizes a protein source (whey protein isolate) that has hundreds of clinical studies demonstrating it stabilizes blood glucose. Indeed – it is one of the reasons we started this company in the first place! Because it stabilized blood sugars!!!

Apparently their reasoning also includes that they do not endorse supplements – that it is all about the diet. This flies in the face of reality when consumers are busier than ever, and often cannot make more than one healthy meal a day.  But instead of endorsing a HEALTHY alternative to supplement your protein, the American Diabetes Association says it will not allow us to advertise.  Want to bet Boost and Ensure are in their journals? The Big Pharma products? See below for the comparison.

People – do NOT let associations such as this stop you from finding healthy alternatives that you can use to supplement your regular diet – beverages that can actually HELP you and not harm you!!! Please re -post and spread the word about this.




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