The Staggering Cost of Fatigue

We’ve added a new page on our site, that talks about the staggering cost of fatigue in the workplace. Fatigue results in over $136 BILLION (yes, B for BILLION) dollars in lost productive time each year. That is just for US businesses!

Some interesting results also came out of the data in terms of age. What surprised me was that workers under 40 years of age were significantly more likely than older workers to lose productive time from fatigue.  There were no explanations as to why that is, but as someone approaching 60 … go silver wave go!

As we’ve said before, and will say again – finding yourself a great tasting protein drink is one of the tools you can use to combat fatigue in the workplace. It gives you natural energy without the caffeine.  And stabilizes glucose levels (“blood sugar”) so you do not have the highs and lows that typically occur in the day.

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