What A Difference

At a conference last week, I gave out a few of the sample bottles of Jenna’s Clearly Protein to various people to taste. Apart from the usual “wow this tastes so good response!”, one taste tester stood out. She was a Honda employee who was also diabetic, and saw me later in the show (I had given her the full bottle to drink). This wonderful woman said she was going to go to their cafeteria manager and insist they order this product. She said she wasn’t hungry, she was feeling energetic, and “by gosh they need this product to support the company’s health and wellness initiatives!!!”.

This is where the rubber meets the road and we can really make a difference!  When we can get companies with health initiatives aligned so that it is not just the paper and posters saying they want healthier employees, but their cafeterias provide healthier options – well that’s music to our ears. Considering health related lost time due to fatigue costs employers $134 billion annually, one would see this healthy beverage type of investment as well worth it!

#JennasClearlyProtein First Contest!



2 thoughts on “What A Difference

  1. Jenna’s story touched my heart. and gave me hope. Everyone needs protein in their diet to stay healthy, and many people do not get enough. This great protein drink will be able to help so many people. – SR


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