The Clear Difference

If you read Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us by Michael Moss, a Pulitzer prize winning author, you’ll read that in some of these companies, the executives won’t allow the “food” they make into their own homes…what does that say about what they are serving you?

That doesn’t happen in THIS company! The CEO is a nurse, and makes sure she drinks the same drink that goes out to market…every day. No undeclared ingredients. Nada. Just pure protein refreshment.

And while there are plenty of other protein drinks on the market today, we haven’t found one yet that has the nutritional profile AND great taste of our beverage.

Similar to Chobani® Greek yogurt and its success in creating a healthier low sugar high protein yogurt than others on the market, we have an “all in one” clear protein drink that tastes great, and that is healthier and better tasting (without smothering it in sugar) than most other protein drinks on the market today. With a nutritional panel called “the envy of many” (low sugar, no artificial ingredients, fat free, gluten free, lactose free features). Clearly refreshing, clearly rehydrating, and clearly refueling – Jenna’s Clearly ProteinTM is a family champion.

Sure there are other protein drinks that taste great – if you like consuming a stack of sugar with your meal! Or artificial ingredients!  Or a stack of carbs! But for light, refreshing, rehydrating AND great taste – clearly, there is only one Jenna’s Clearly Protein!

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