Nutrition and Health

At all ages it is SO important to choose healthy nutrition at least most of the time (we all have our cravings that sometimes just need to be satisfied!).  With Jenna’s Clearly Protein (and our other protein products) we want to ensure only premium ingredients for premium results.  That means ingredients that are as minimally processed as possible. And in particular, no artificial ingredients. Why pick on artificial ingredients?

As a nurse, the CEO really dislikes artificial ingredients. It fools people into thinking they can have more of something because there are “no calories”.  What about this headline: “Dr. Mercola Calls Asparatame “By Far the Most Dangerous Substance Added to Most Foods Today”” and then went on to list a few of the 90 different documented symptoms listed in the FDA report as part of aspartame dangers:

Dizziness Seizures Nausea Numbness
Muscle spasms Weight gain Rashes Depression Fatigue
Irritability Tachycardia Insomnia Vision problems Hearing loss
Heart palpitations Breathing difficulties Anxiety attacks Slurred speech Loss of taste
Tinnitus Vertigo Memory loss Joint pain

And while the link between something like aspartame and childhood diseases and disorders is still tenuous – children with ADD/ADHD tend to do better when artificial ingredients are removed from the diet.

If you or a family member suffers from some type of health deficit, try changing the diet to include as much whole food as possible. And if supplementing, choose a company that uses only premium ingredients – and stands behind their product.



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