FDA and Supplement Companies … Again

Nearly 1 in 5 Violate Manufacturing Practices

19% – nearly 1 in 5 dietary supplement companies STILL cannot or will not conform to basic good manufacturing practices said the FDA today.  These companies failed to set specifications for the identity, strength, purity, and composition of the finished product.

Seriously! This is 2016! I shake my head at seeing headlines like this over and over and over again.

What will it take to change? Consumers like YOU! Demanding change! Demanding better for yourselves, for your families. You deserve better. And you can get better, at least in protein drinks, with our company.

That is why when you are increasing your protein intake, you must choose a company you trust. It doesn’t have to be us! You just have to have confidence they stand behind their product, like we do, every day.


FDA and Supplements

FDA headline 2016

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