Look Out For Number One!

Look out for number one because it’s a very powerful number. All it takes is one – one chance encounter, that leads to a mentor, or a new friend; one order, that can kick start your business; one vowel, from bitter to better; one tiny shift in perception, to give you that “aha” moment that changes the way you think about things; one person, that says “your life matters”; one look, one touch, one acknowledgement from even a total stranger (or sometimes even our animals) that says “Bravo! You can do this!”; one small meal, that fed someone who really needed it; one deed, that puts a smile on your face because you see the joy in their face … All you need is one – and all you have is one life. I don’t know about you but I want to make sure my life matters and that what I do matters, and that somewhere, somehow, whether it is me, or our company, or our products, are the “one thing” that made a difference for someone else.  One life and no time to waste!


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