Cancer and Protein

According to American Cancer Society data,  1 of every 3 women will develop some type of cancer some time in their lives,  and 1 of 2 men will develop some type of cancer in their lifetimes.  As a former Director of Nursing of an oncology (cancer) unit, the CEO  knows that cancer patients need twice the amount of protein as the average person. In fact about half of all cancer patients eventually suffer serious weight loss and malnutrition, a wasting syndrome called cachexia where they don’t just lose excess fat but vital muscle.

A healthy person’s body adjusts when it doesn’t get enough calories, slowing metabolism to conserve nutrients. A cancer patient’s body doesn’t make that adjustment; metabolism even may speed up. And contrary to the myth that sugar feeds tumour cells, protein-packed milkshakes and smoothies can be life-saving for some patients.

When you undergo chemotherapy your taste buds change. We’ve heard it described as everything tasting like battery acid. And then we’ve heard those same people say that our drink was the only thing they tolerated. So yes, this is important to the CEO.


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